About Me

My name is Cathy Mayfield and I am a writer!10-14-17-e1522159773364.jpg

There, I said it. That should make my writing instructors happy. Now on to the good stuff!

At home in Perry County, PA, amidst the forest and the creek, the deer and the birds, I live to teach and write…and play with our grandchildren. You may also find me taking long walks with our dog, Kenai; spending evenings watching old movies with my husband, Kevin; or going to theater productions with our three daughters: Holly, Sarah, and Faith.

I began writing in 1967 and homeschooling in 1988. I’ve published articles and Bible studies online, self-published several devotional booklets, designed my own curriculum for our homeschool, and became a co-founder/advisor of the Susquehanna Valley Homeschool Diploma Program.

Now, after years of planning, teaching, and taking classes, the door opened to share my love of both writing and teaching. Nothing I’ve written or taught before compares with these blog posts. It began with a much-loved book, Passwords to Your Past, by Dorothy Evslin and Max Kelly (© 1987, Kelly Enterprises). I enjoy sharing the satisfaction I get through these nostalgia-based writings and encouraging people to write their own.

And with that, the idea of “Legacies Let Loose” emerged. Read on, read my heart.

May my love of family, Jesus Christ, God’s creation, and teaching entice you to create some legacies of your own every day you live.



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