Mmm … butter! Anyone who says he enjoys using margarine or any of the other spreads on his fresh-baked biscuits speaks a falsehood. No substitute complements food as butter does.

Butter B (2)        Over the summers while my husband went to college in Columbus, we went to the Ohio State Fair. One vendor offered corn-on-the-cob, still in its husk, roasted over coals. After paying him what we’d have paid for a whole dozen at a roadside produce stand, one of the workers grabbed two blistering hot ears off the grill-work and yanked the husks down to form handles. Grasping the husk-handles, he turned back to the pit and plunged the naked ears into a large kettle. As he removed them, the yellow kernels glistened. Rivulets of butter ran down the ears, dripping onto the husks.

Holding both in one hand, the man seized a stack of napkins and thrust both handsButter A (2) toward us. He nodded his head at a small stand holding several shakers of salt and pepper. Eyes wide at what we’d just seen, we hurried to season our corn and dig in, not wanting to miss a single droplet of the melted butter.

It only took one bite of the golden delicacy to know we’d never tasted anything as fine as those ears of corn-on-the-cob. Though taking care as we did, we ended up wearing butter smeared on our lips. With our slippery fingers working to hold onto our prizes, even the tips of our noses sported a drop or two.

Though the hot kernels singed our tongues, we gobbled away, typewriter-style. Licking the rows above and below, licking our slick fingers, licking our dripping wrists where droplets trickled toward our elbows. We didn’t stop in gratitude for our sleeveless arms, nor for my ponytail keeping my hair from disaster. We only munched across our ears, slid the make-believe return bar across, and went on to the next section, until at last, we stood slurping the remnants of the glorious butter from the emptied cob.

Somehow, that memory would not bring the sigh of satisfaction it does if those roasted ears of sweet corn had been plunged into a bucket of melted spread or sprayed with a bottle of liquified flax seed. Wouldn’t you agree?

God made cows. He made the milk we get from them. And He showed us how to skim the cream which separates from the milk. Then He gave us the know-how to churn it into butter—glorious butter! Mmm!

*** What food do you think of first when butter is mentioned? Corn-on-the-cob, as we had? Fresh bread just pulled from the oven? Tell us about your favorite way to use butter! (And if you’re one of those who only uses the “other stuff,” I guess you can share about it, too!) To leave your story, click on the words beside the date under the title of this post. Then, scroll to the bottom of the comment section to find the box with the heading, “Leave a reply.” Thank you for sharing!

** Did you guess “Butter” as the “B” word for this week? What letter would you like to see next week’s word begin with? Help me choose!

5 thoughts on “Butter

  1. Boy you sure know how to make a person hungry first thing in the morning! I could almost taste that buttery ear of corn as I read! We do use the other stuff a lot since it is less expensive, but now and then I splurge on the real thing and oh my how good it is! I think the first thing I think of at the word “butter”, though is popcorn! A close second, maybe, to an honest-to-goodness ear of corn! Or at least in the same family. These days you have to take out a small loan to buy popcorn in a movie theater! But at home it’s easy peasy to pop corn and slather the butter on top. I can still remember my grandpa shaking the pan on the stove popping corn when I’d stay at my grandparents’ house over night. We’d all eat popcorn and watch Barnaby Jones or High Chapperal. It’s too bad they make it cost so much at the movie theater because it’s so fun to eat popcorn and watch a movie, so most of the time we do without. Last week, however, we splurged and it was wonderful! Oh I know, it’s probably not the real stuff but some kind of buttery oil or something, but I guess for someone used to more margerine than butter, it still rates. I read something on facebook about how margerine got started — how it was originally invented as a fattening agent for turkeys. I can’t remember the rest of the story, but the gist of it was that butter not only tastes better but is natural and healthier. No argument there! Besides popcorn, though, butter is wonderful on a roll and also on top of pancakes before pouring the syrup. Now I’m making myself hungry. Now watch, when I stop at the store today, guess what will end up in my shopping cart? LoL

    Blessings ♥


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    • And here I was wondering if my description of the butter dripping down our arms would make someone squirm like our daughter did when she read it. She thought it gross! And she’d think this worse – I agree about the popcorn; if it isn’t soaking through the carton, there isn’t enough on it! LOL! We don’t get it much, though, mostly because we only go to movies about once every three or four years. Of course … and this has nothing whatsoever to do with butter … but the last movie my husband and I went to see together might just be my favorite of all-time after Mary Poppins – The Greatest Showman! And YES! I HAD POPCORN WITH EXTRA BUTTER!! A win-win evening! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Leafy! And let me know how good that butter you bought today tasted. LOL!


      • Loved Greatest Showman! Saw it in the theater and rented it at home again. Are you going to see the sequel to Mary Poppins when it comes out? I did not buy the butter, as it turned out, today and I’ll have you know I felt very sorry for myself when I opened the tub of margarine for our dinner rolls tonight, just thinking back on your blog, lol. But one day soon, I plan to slather some butter on something and eat it!

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