Tell Me a Story about … a Goose!

          A “gaggle” of memories flies about geese. Of course, that isn’t grammatically correct, but using it is such fun! I remember studying farm animals in our homeschool and how we giggled at the idea of a gaggle of geese, as a group of them is called.

          In fact, most of my geese memories involve laughter. One vacation in Potter County, PA, we visited Ole Bull State Park for a hike and a picnic. A wide creek runs through the park. We walked out on the bridge separating the picnic area from the campground to check out the fish swimming under the bridge.

7-2-18 A
      Photo courtesy of Janice Kelley.

           About twenty yards upstream, some Canadian geese floated on the creek. In a movement I’d never before witnessed, one goose upended itself in the water, totally vertical, its tail pointing straight at the sky. One by one, more geese followed suit. The sight of a half-dozen geese bottoms sticking straight up out of the water looked so hilarious, I dissolved in a fit of giggles. Giggles at gaggles again!

          The geese remained in their ungainly position for so long, I feared they’d drown. Then, pop! One righted itself. Pop, pop, pop! Soon all the geese floated as normal geese should. But before I could recover, more geese flipped over, tails waving at the sun. Another round of giggles, and another pop, pop, pop! I wanted to watch and laugh the day away, but Kevin insisted he’d had enough silliness and wanted to take our hike. I recall thinking they resembled ducks at a shooting gallery—up, down, up, down.

         One more smile-producing goose memory goes back even more years to when we lived beside a couple who farmed their small plot of land. They enjoyed working their garden together, growing most of their own vegetables. Often, we received overflowing baskets of corn or strawberries from their caring arms.

          Valeria, the woman of the house, fashioned decorations out of just about anything she could find. One year, she called me over to see her newest creation. She’d taken a neck 7-2-18pumpkin (not the jack-o-lantern kind, but the let’s-bake-a-pie kind) and turned it into a goose! She stood it up, painted eyes on the small head-end, painted the stem-beak black, and added a felt scarf around its neck. I smiled at her ingenuity and creative spirit. Set by our Ben Franklin stove with a few gourds tucked around his “feet,” he made quite a fetching fall display.

          So, yes, the mournful cries of a large V of geese flying south for the winter may be what many people think of with geese, but to me, I remember laughter—giggling at gaggles! I’m sure God laughed, too, when He taught them to turn upside down in the water and watched them go pop, pop, pop!

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2 thoughts on “Tell Me a Story about … a Goose!

  1. Hi Cathy and Happy 4th of July 🙂

    Love your gaggle of geese giggles! I’ve seen that uproarious fiasco you speak of as we have many geese in our area, mostly Canadian. I’ve seen ducks do that too, which is funny. I could more easily tell you a parliament of owls story (as a group are called) than a goose story but there is one that comes to mind as I read your blog, and that is that my husband told me he had a pet goose when he was young and it followed him everywhere he went. He named him Quackers. I found that story very endearing. How funny is it that after he and I married, the second time around, our favorite restaurant was called Honkers?!! It was torn down a year or two ago to our great disappointment, but for a time it was our spot. And naturally it was decorated with lots of geese figurines and pictures and a giant ceramic goose at the front door too!

    And thank you for the imagery of geese flying south and that pumpkin goard. Made me think of fall, my favorite time of year and favorite kind of weather! And that’s nice to think of on such a hot summer day!

    Happy 4th!!

    — Leafy

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    • I’ve heard others tell of geese becoming loyal to a person and following them around. It makes such a sweet picture in my mind, a little boy traipsing around the yard in bare feet, followed at his heels by a goose. Our daughter would choose to disagree however, since she was chased by an angry, hissing goose at a local park one day! And the restaurant! How delightful! Thank you for sharing such special memories. Blessings!


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